Ministry Project Summaries:
Reaching the Unreached one need at a time...
Please join us in sharing our vision of transformational development among the
unreached peoples of the world.  Here's a summary of current ministry projects in
Hand Dug Wells, Health Clinics and Hope Among Fulbe Refugees
from Central Africa Republic
Civil unrest and political instability in Central Africa Republic has produced armed
bandits who have been kidnapping and robbing the Fulani people of that country.
Many were forced to cross the Cameroonian border with the one thing they had left -
their lives. Here again, they face inadequate housing, little food or clean water and
limited access to health services. And here again, they face the continued threat of
persecution.  And it is now, in the darkest hour of their lives, that they want to hear
Truth. We want to bring them that Truth and show them God’s love by relieving their

Many of these families have joined together to form new villages, so they often blend
in with the neighboring settlements and are overlooked.  A closer look, however,
reveals the desperate situation many of these families face in finding adequate
access to clean water and health care.  Tiffany and Chad have partnered with
members of World Team to provide clean water, health care and discipling to
families in Easter Cameroon who are seeking physical and spiritual relief.  The first
hand dug well is nearly complete with two more planned this year.  Two health
clinics have been conducted, and an application has been completed to start a
permanent health center in the village.  
Expansion of the Community Gravity-Flow Water System
Dry season is an extremely difficult time in many Cameroonian communities when
the food supplies are dwindling and the water table has dropped such that many
wells and water sources dry up until the rains arrive again.  The local community
here in Banyo is no exception to these difficult conditions.  In an effort to improve the
dry season water supply from the existing gravity-flow water system, an additional
stream catchment was installed to provide approximately 30,000 additional liters
per day.

Like any other water supply system, there are numerous maintenance issues that
must be addressed to ensure the community is provided with a clean drinking water
source.  These include the repair of broken pipes and stand pipes, regular washing
of the sand filter media and removal of debris from catchments.  The system was
presented as a gift to the primarily Muslim community from Christians in America in
2004.  The collection of minimal maintenance fees (i.e. the equivalent of less than a
quarter a day) help promote the longevity and sustainability of the system while
helping support the families of the small local water team.

Chad assists in the management of the water system and personnel while
providing oversight for new projects.  Training is provided in areas such as
preventative maintenance and accounting.  All the team members meet regularly to
discuss the system and pray together for the community.  

Health Care and Nursing Training at the Banyo Baptist Hospital
and Beyond
Tiffany's duties at the local community hospital are varied and include making
rounds, assisting with screening of patients, training of staff and other nursing
duties.  The broad range of patient ages and tropical diseases make it an
exceptionally challenging medical environment.  AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and
leprosy are only some of the diseases encountered on a regular basis in

Tiffany's has also extended her medical ministry to the unreached peoples in
Cameroonian villages where small "bush clinics" are performed to provide badly
needed medicine to those who may not have access to medical facilities or

Community Development through Appropriate, Sustainable
The introduction of appropriate technologies (AT) in communities provides the
opportunity to transform lives physically, spiritually and socially.  This is
accomplished by meeting immediate physical needs and simultaneously building
relationships to help meet eternal spiritual needs through the sharing of Christ's
love through action and word.

Community needs are evaluated and then appropriate technologies are selected
and adapted according to local knowledge and material availability.  In the
Adamawa Province of Cameroon where we are based, several AT projects have
been started to build bridges with local communities.  These include biogas
generation, drip bucket irrigation during the dry season, Moringa tree production,
fish pond management and biosand filters.

For information regarding any of these individual projects, please contact us at

Community Resource Center for Biblical Studies and Community
Physical water and living water are provided in the market place through a new
center for community outreach.  Biblical materials are offered freely in English,
French, Fulfulde, Arabic and Pidgin English in addition to other educational
materials covering topics like AIDS prevention.  Audio and video materials are also
presented.  Hand-held DVD players are used to show the
Jesus Film and God's
 Cassette tapes share the Word and educate youth on AIDS.  A public water
tap has been opened adjacent to the center and provides the opportunity to interact
with the market community.  

The center is in its infancy as is in need of additional materials to expand, including
Bibles, DVD players and other educational materials.  It is our hope to also
introduce appropriate technologies at the center, such as solar power and biogas

Pictures will be coming soon of the center.

Solar Pump Installation at Missionary Farm
Charity Hands is a non-profit organization that provides support to Cameroonian
pastors and missionaries through activities such as the farming of pineapples,
bananas and maize.  They are in desperate need of a reliable water source for
irrigation of crops to continue their ministry work.  

Chad and a Cameroonian contractor will be working together to install a drilled well
for the installation of a solar-powered submersible pump this year.

Installation of a Slow Sand Filter in a Wawa Village
The Wawa people are a local people group who speak their own dialect as well as
the more common Fulfulde language.  Although a hand dug well was installed
several years ago, water quality issues with the local groundwater have tainted their
water supply.  This installation of a small slow sand filter is planned to alleviate
some of the aesthetic problems with the community water supply.

Drilled Well Installation at a School for Disabled Children
The Center for the Empowerment of Females with Disabilities (C.E.F.E.D.) is an
outreach for Cameroonian children who are physically or mentally disabled.  It is not
uncommon for disabled children to be abandoned by their families or communities.
Some are considered to be possessed or serpents in human bodies.  C.E.F.E.D.
works to educate communities and rescue children who have been left behind
because of their handicap.  

C.E.F.E.D. has been in desperate need of a good drinking water source for their 32
students and staff.  A well was installed with a submersible pump by
Transformational Ministries that will provide a source of water that can be gravity fed
to the students, most of which could not use a traditional hand or foot pump.
Current Ministry Projects in Cameroon:

1. Refugee relief work - hand dug wells
and               health clinics among the Fulbe

2. Gravity-flow water distribution system

3. Medical care at local hospital

Appropriate, sustainable technologies

5. Resource center for Biblical and
educational           studies

6. Community fish pond and farm

Solar pump installation at missionary farm

Slow sand filter install among the
Wawa                 people

Drilled well at school for disabled children

Tree Nurseries  and  Bee-keeping

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