Serving in Africa
Chad, Tiffany & Chloe
Tiffany and Chad are currently serving
as missionaries to Africa and are
founders of the Christian non-profit,
World Transformational Ministries
(WTM).  Their ministry currently extends
across several provinces in
Cameroon.  Through a network of
partnerships with other organizations
and individuals, WTM strives to reach
the unreached wherever God is leading
them and live out their faith in word and
deed.  They are seeking other
like-minded Christians to join WTM in
reaching the Unreached.
Chad is a professional environmental engineer who spent 9 years
working in the field of environmental remediation.  His experience in
environmental cleanup of contaminated soil and groundwater
compliments the application of various sustainable technologies in
the developing world, where he has served in the mission field on
several trips to Cameroon and Togo, West Africa.  Chad's current
focus is in the area of water supply and distribution in Cameroon,
including hand dug wells, slow sand filtration, spring catchments and
gravity-flow water systems.  Efforts are also being made to introduce
effective well installation techniques using mud rotary drilling methods.

In addition to the water ministry, Chad has implemented numerous
small-scale ministry projects in the area of appropriate technologies.  
These include biogas production, bucket drip irrigation, Moringa tree
nurseries, fish breeding ponds, top bar beehives, alternative farming
methods and more.
Chad and Tiffany's Bios
Tiffany is a registered nurse with
experience in the area of post
operation care.  She has worked with
patients in a critical acute unit
demonstrating a variety of illnesses,
including those related to cardiac,
neurological, and respiratory
complications.  Tiffany's expertise is
being applied in Cameroon where
she provides post ops care as part of
her various duties at the Banyo
Baptist Hospital and "bush clinics" in
villages that lack access to basic
health care .
Cameroon Statistics
- World Health Organization
The Fulani (Fulbe)
Reaching the Unreached one need at a time...roup

Our mission is to provide for the material, spiritual, and social needs of those who need it most
through sustainable, transformational development.  The Gospel is the source of lasting
transformation and offers a plan for a holistic and integrated approach to community
development and world change.   
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Transformation is the desired result in all of WTM's endeavors.  Lasting external change in the
human condition is not possible without first being preceded by internal transformation.  Internal
transformation through the power of the Gospel results in a renewing of the mind, and,
consequently, a renewing of the state of the world.  WTM strives to demonstrate the Gospel
message contemporaneously in both word and deed.

Sustainable development is the meeting of a community's basic needs without hindering the ability
of the next generation to meet those needs.  This is accomplished through the application of
appropriate technologies and methods that take the local resources, knowledge and goals into
consideration during the development process.  The combined effect of sustainable development
through appropriate technologies implemented through Biblical principles has the power to
transform entire communities and bring them to saving faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
WTM believes all followers of Christ were called to take the Gospel to the nations and must ask
themselves what their role is in accomplishing this task, whether it is in going or sending.  
Although local ministries are necessary, WTM believes the greatest impact for the Kingdom is in
underdeveloped nations where access to the Gospel is limited or non-existent and spiritual,
physical and social needs are the greatest.
WTM seeks strategic partnerships with organizations, churches and individuals who share their
vision and passion to reach the Unreached.  Alliances with nationals in targeted ministry locations
provide continuity and longevity to efforts overseas.  Ministry partnerships with churches create
opportunities to fill needs that may be lacking within the church's existing resources.  Strategic
partnerships with other organizations allows for the sharing of resources and expansion of existing
WTM focuses its resources on the Unreached.  However, the definition of Unreached is broader
than that typically used in missions circles today.  In addition to people groups lacking an
indigenous church and group of nationals capable of evangelizing their respective people group,
Unreached peoples also include fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who lack access to basic
physical needs and spiritual resources as well as fellow workers requiring support, assistance
and encouragement in their respective ministries.

WTM focuses on felt needs in areas such as water supply and distribution, health care, education,
agroforestry, microfinancing and appropriate technology.  By providing felt needs ministries, WTM
is able to:
•        Build bridges to communities where the Gospel is unknown in order to pave the way for
further discipling and church planting efforts;
•        Provide for the needs of Christian communities in underdeveloped countries where members
of the community can be more effective in evangelizing local Unreached people groups if their own
basic needs are met;
•        Support existing ministries and workers, and;
•        Prolong life in order to create more opportunities to share the Gospel and disciple.
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World Transformational Ministries (WTM) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Christian non-profit charitable organization founded in 2007 by Chad and Tiffany Northington. Their
passion is to reach the Unreached and to live out their faith in word and deed.  For more information about the organization or how you can get involved, please contact us at:

World Transformational Ministries
P.O. Box 9691
Tampa, Florida 33674
or e-mail us at info@transformationalministries.com
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