Although a hand dug well had previously been installed in this village, iron-fouling in the groundwater supply
resulted in poor water quality.  The reddish-brown water was both unpleasing to the eyes and stomachs of the
inhabitants of this Wawa village.  A slow sand filter was able to treat the water to provide a safe, clean supply.
Slow sand filter among the Unreached Wawa people
Reaching the Unreached one need at a time...

Washing the sand before placement                  The completed filter is connected directly to                         Time to test it out...                                     After a couple of rinses, the filter is working
                                                                                to the foot pump to make it convenient                                                                                                         great - clear, clean water                                    

The top of the filter after being poured                 Men cracking stones for the lower level                Lines are drawn to let the village technician                The path leading up to the village
                                                                                                                                                                       know how much sand to remove every month

Beginning the block walls and reinforcement      Forms for the 3 filter access hatches                          Completion of the block walls                                Getting ready to pour the columns

 Even the children helped carry sand                     View of the village and existing pump                   Preparing the foundation and blocks                  Installing the footers and "hard core" base

     Preparing the top reinforcement                      Sand will be washed on this concrete slab       Final plaster work on the outside of the filter        Forms for the access hatches on top

        Everybody wanted to try it out                                I know this little one was happy...                                Where will your path