Please join us in partnering with these global ministries:
Katrina Relief in D'Iberville, MS with the
D'Iberville Volunteers Foundation
Raising corn in Mizoram, India to support
Third World missionaries through Hands for
Christ Ministry.
Reaching the Unreached one need at a time...
In addition to their ministry with the Baptist General Conference in Cameroon, West
Africa, Chad and Tiffany have partnered with other organizations across the globe who
share their vision of transformational development amongst the unreached peoples
of the world.  We invite you to join us in promoting and participating in these ministries.
Hands for Christ Pray for Pigs Campaign - Mizoram, Northeast India

Become a partner of Hands for Christ Ministry by giving $65 dollars or more to help a
man feed his family and support a cross-cultural missionary working among the
least reached peoples group in the "
10/40 window" region.  The so called 10/40
window, between latitudes 10 and 40 degrees north, is home of almost 90% of the
unreached peoples, but have drawn only about 10% of the total Christian
mission workforce.

This precious gift can do so much. $65 will be used to buy a young small pig which
will then be given to a Christian family in Mizoram in Northeast India, who is
struggling everyday to feed his family but can raise a pig. After 8 to 12 months, the
pig is large enough for sale; the man will keep 50% of the price and the other 50%
will be given to this ministry to support a missionary.  Click
here to donate.

pics from other Hands for Christ ministries in India and the pig ceremony.
The Dale Kietzman Leadership Center - Cameroon, West Africa

The Dale Kietzman Leadership Center mission is to strengthen and expand the
church worldwide by building healthy leaders.  The Center is a response to the
urgent need in many third world countries to improve the quality of cross-cultural
missionary training and gives priority to proper training and preparation of
personnel in order to increase effectiveness on the field and to reduce the
missionary attrition rate due to a lack of adequate training.

In addition to several courses geared towards developing leaders, a Master of Arts
degree in International Development is also offered.  For more information on this
non-profit organization, please contact:

The Dale Kietzman Leadership Center
A Program of the Africa Academy of Christian Leadership, Inc.
McGavran L-8
1539 E. Howard Street
Pasadena, CA 91114

Phone:                          E-mail:

D'Iberville Volunteers Foundation - D'Iberville, Mississippi

The mission of DVF is to provide for the redevelopment and rebuilding of D'Iberville,
Mississippi, and to assist in the provision for future growth and cultural
enhancement of the citizens of D'Iberville, Mississippi, by providing for the education
of the citizens in the history and culture of D'Iberville. In addition, the foundation
seeks to assist in provision for the health and welfare of the citizens of D'Iberville.

The primary goal is to establish a program to provide rebuilding assistance to the
City's 8,000 residents devastated by Hurricane Katrina. A secondary goal is to
establish fund raising projects to assist the Foundation in offsetting its non-profit
endeavors. This effort was begun in September immediately following Hurricane
Katrina with the establishment of emergency services. Over the next several months
the process moved forward with the assessment of damages, repair and rebuilding
and the establishment and running of a Volunteer Village to house and feed
volunteers from outside the Gulf Coast area. Daily reports are generated of work
completed and in progress. Every 90 days an assessment is taken of the
reconstruction needs and reconstruction progress of the entire City.

Learn how you can help by clicking

ECOFARM - A Sustainable Farm-Based Intentional Community in
Plant City, Florida

The mission at Ecofarm is to form a sustainable, eco-friendly, people-friendly,
farm-based intentional community that provides for the needs of community
members.  Small-scale, sustainable farming practices are at the heart of all
Ecofarm does in addition to the application of appropriate technologies and
renewable energy sources.   For example, solar power arrays provide electricity for
daily needs and farm activities.  Solar energy is used for cooking, water heating and
operation of equipment like pumps and refrigerators.  Other projects at Ecofarm
include raising Tilapia and chickens, corn syrup production and conversion of
fuel-powered vehicles to electric power.

Members are community-minded.  They are focused on maintaining the well-being
of the community and strive towards increasing sustainability.  Meaningful work, a
social environment and community activities cultivate an atmosphere of common
purpose and shared experiences.

Learn more about Ecofarm at

ECHO - Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization in Fort
Myers, Florida

ECHO is a Not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Christian organization located on a
demonstration farm in North Fort Myers, Florida.  Their vision is to bring glory to God
and a blessing to mankind by using science and technology to help the poor.  They
strive to provide ideas, training, information, and seeds critical to those working in
agricultural development in third world countries.

Check out
pics from our training.

Learn more about ECHO at

Courageous Christian Living - Brandon, Florida

Do you feel like there is more to the Christian life than you are experiencing? Have
you noticed any changes since you gave your life to Jesus?  Just because you gave
your life to Jesus does not mean that the old thinking patterns you previously had
are gone. Proverbs 23:7 says that what you think in your heart is what you become.
Are you full of worry and fear? Do you believe that God only desires for you to "just
get by"? Find out what the Bible says with Scott Smylie's new book
49 Declarations
for Courageous Christian Living.

God's Family Fellowship Ministries of Pakistan (GFFMP)

GFFMP endeavors to bring the Gospel to all of Pakistan as the Lord directs by
means of personal evangelism, home Bible studies, cell groups, leadership
training seminars, healing crusades, mission works, etc.

To learn more about GFFMP,
click here.

Sunrise World Ministries, Inc. - Peru and El Salvador

Sunrise World Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the Word
of Jesus Christ to people living in 3rd World countries such as El Salvador and
Peru. Along with the Word, they minister to their physical needs, supplying clothing
and tools, as well as teaching them skills to assist them in learning a trade, giving
them a sense of pride and self-worth. Children will be given clothes, shoes and a
toy of their own to play with (many of whom have never owned a toy), to show them
the Love of Jesus Christ. Their goal is to give them the necessities they need to give
them a sense of pride and accomplishment by making them self-sufficient and

Visit their web site at