Tropical nursery training
Compost piles
Treadle pumps can move water up or down about 20
feet and can be made locally
Biogas generation from animal manure.  Note the tire
tube collecting the gas above.
ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization) Technologies & Training
Reaching the Unreached one need at a time...
Drum oven made from locally available materials.
Composting toilet turns "humanure" into fertile soil.
Bucket drip irrigation offers an efficient way to use a
precious resource in the developing world - water.
Nutritional Moringa tree leaves are harvested,
crushed into a powder and added to food .
The "Tippy Tap" promotes hand washing and hygiene
while conserving water.
Treatment of water with Moringa seeds (natural
coagulant) & a biofilter layered with sand and gravel.
Ferrocement tank captures water from the roof and is
treated further in plastic bottles in the sun.
Click on the pics below to see larger images   of
more ECHO agricultural and appropriate
technology projects
An example of a tropical nursery.
Chickens ferttilize crops
Rabbit raising
A Frame level
Polyculture w/ fish & ducks
Manure is captured beneath
Goat pen
Bee keeping
Bare-neck tropical chickens
Chickens ferttilize crops
Chickens ferttilize crops
Chickens ferttilize crops
Chickens ferttilize crops
Neem tree - natural pesticide
Solar dehydrator
Moringa tree plantation