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Entry for October 6, 2008

More Things We’ve Learned While Serving as Missionaries in Cameroon

1.  We’ve learned how to greet people in five languages.

2.  We’ve learned that there’s no second chances when you accidentally plug a 110V device into a 220V socket.  This lesson had to be learned more than once.

3.  We’ve learned you can get fatter in Africa (especially if you live next to Ma).

4.  We’ve learned why goats are symbols of unrighteousness in Scripture.

5.  We’ve learned children really CAN be quiet in church services.

6.  We’ve learned Chinese products are cheap and worthless no matter what country you’re in.

7.  We’ve learned life doesn’t end when you don’t have access to a phone or the internet 24/7.

8.  We’ve learned absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, especially for BigMacs…

9.  We’ve learned we have something in common with scorpions – we both love the comfort of our home.

10.  We’ve learned it’s OK when someone tells you how fat you look.

11.  We’ve learned you really do get malaria when you don’t take your prophylactic.  Just ask my wife!

12.  We’ve learned bungee cords don’t have anything on a Cameroonian rubber strap.

13.  We’ve learned if the Coca-Cola company would put Bible tracts on their bottles, there is no remote corner of the world that wouldn’t be evangelized.

14.  We’ve learned people can eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still be happy.

15.  We’ve learned the best way to discourage a Cameroonian from asking you to help them go to America is by telling them there is no corn fufu there.

16.  We’ve learned the hard way that my wife is allergic to mango skin.

17.  We’ve learned weevils add a nice little “kick” to pasta and rice.

18.  We’ve learned we will never again desire to go off-roading in the U.S.

19.  We’ve learned cockroaches are not pleasant sleeping companions, and you should not eat in your bed unless you want to share it with mice.

20.  We’ve learned peanuts are groundnuts, avocados are pears and you don’t eat them, you chop them.

21.  We’ve learned it’s OK to have auctions during church.

22.  We’ve learned Gasoil is not gas, and there’s nothing super about Super gasoline.

23.  We’ve learned the only way to get unbiased news about America is to leave America.

24.  We’ve learned freshly dug fish ponds make great mud wrestling pits.

25.  We’ve learned the first word that Cameroonian children must be taught is “Nasaraa” (white man)

2008-10-06 16:12:24 GMT
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You both are amazing. I am excited you are almost home, sad you have to leave, and proud for all you are doing for people. You are not just doing you are teaching and showing. You and Tiff are awesome and God will bless you both and your ministry for as long as God wants you there. Love you both and see ya soon!!!!!

2008-10-09 14:18:24 GMT
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