The Ecofarm solar dehydrator (makes great
dehydrated bananas!)
Solar oven made from basic materials.  We got it up
to 185 F and are making modifications to get it hotter!
The early stages of our solar advanced composting
toilet (i.e. the S.C.A.T.)
No water and great fertilizer!
Sustainable Technology Projects at Ecofarm
Reaching the Unreached one need at a time...
Stage 1 is almost complete.
Learn how you can make your own solar
composting toilet by contacting Larry

phone:  360-665-2926

Visit Larry's web site at:

You can also build your very own solar oven
by going to:
I think it will work.  Time to start the interior.
Jon proudly shows off our incomplete solar
composting toilet.
Plants, microbes and insects do the dirty business of
cleaning up the water.  Here we're trying native flora.
Yes, the water really is gray...
.And we also built a graywater system to treat water
from the sink and laundry
And the finished, landscaped product!
Learn more about graywater systems in Joseph
Jenkins book
The Humanure Handbook or check
out the Humanure Headquarters on the web at
Click on the pics below to see larger images   
of progress on the solar composting               
advanced toilet (i.e. the S.C.A.T.)
Jon and Chad visit the annual show at the Florida
Solar Energy Center near Titusville (click on pic)

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