All that remains now is the dropping of the pump and a celebration to thank God for answering prayers and
providing the water of life through Jesus Christ...
Refugee Hand Dug Well Pics from Start to Finish and Village Life
Reaching the Unreached one need at a time...
In an effort to empower and encourage the local Christians in our community, we are attempting several small microfinancing projects in the areas of transformational development,
including poultry and fish farming.  Microenterprise, or microfinancing, focuses on employment creation and income development through small-scale enterprises and access to
capital and training that is otherwise unavailable to the poor.  Our intent is summed up in the old Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed
him for a lifetime.”  In missions and ministry, if we are only proclaiming the Word of God without demonstrating it, we are not truly sharing all the Good News.  By empowering the poor
through small businesses, the Biblical concepts of social justice, stewardship and creative expression are revealed in a concrete, practical way.  These brothers and sisters are then
able to assist others as our identity in Christ as servants is revealed through our activities and resources are made available.  Our hope is these families won’t have to worry about
feeding their own and can begin to start feeding others, physically and spiritually.
Microfinancing brings hope and 20 chickens to a struggling family
Reaching the Unreached one need at a time...
We'll produce banana plantlettes in the greenhouse   A job well done.  Let's grow some trees!