All that remains now is the dropping of the pump and a celebration to thank God for answering prayers and
providing the water of life through Jesus Christ...
Refugee Hand Dug Well Pics from Start to Finish and Village Life
Reaching the Unreached one need at a time...
Political turmoil in neighboring Central African Republic (CAR) has displaced thousands of Fulbe men, women and children throughout eastern Cameroon.  Their nomadic lifestyles and large
cattle herds make them easy targets for bandits and rebels, who will steal, kidnap and kill.  Many Fulbe families have sought refuge in existing villages in Cameroon where they have ties to family
and friends.  This has put great strain on the village's resources and created a dire need for physical and spiritual assistance.
Refugee Outreach among Displaced Persons in Eastern Cameroon - Bush Clinics, Tree Nurseries, Aid and Discipleship
Reaching the Unreached one need at a time...

This is one of the locally-made bridges we had    Another nursery is built using corn stalks for    We also planted some avocado seeds here      The Moringa germinates well and is very
the pleasure of crossing with the truck - we           the roof                                                                                                                                                             drought-resistant, ideal for climates with a
nearly lost the truck in the river!                                                                                                                                                                                                            pronounced dry season                      

About 40 Moringa seeds are planted here            Moringa, also called the "Miracle tree", has          We hope to transplant these in 3-4 months         The path leading to another village located
                                                                                edible roots, pods and leaves.  It is extremely      around the village                                                      about 3 km from the road
                                                                                high in protein, Vitamins A thru C and minerals

Clinics are conducted in an available building      Children often suffer from severe malnutrition             Too many patients, too little time                  This hand-operated well was constructed
by                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        our team earlier this year and is fighting
the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         battle against disease

"Bush clinics" are performed to diagnose              There's never a lack of patients, only meds            A consultation is performed to determine the     Patients keep a record of their visit in a book
and treat common maladies, like malaria,                                                                                                      the illness, if possible with limited equipment   to document their medical history                
infections, dysentery, scabies & gastritis

This Moringa tree was                         Locally-available materials are used to construct          Palm fronds are used for the roof to allow                        The nursery is constructed close to the        
planted 5 months ago                         Moringa tree nurseries in the village                                 limited water and sun to reach the poly bags                   compound for protection

                          Fulbe men                                    One of the men chosen to be the well technician    Getting there and back is always a challenge    Balloons are always a big hit!!!