Using a Cameroonian-made "washer pump" and smaller diameter forms for the well casing, the water team
was able to complete two wells in the time it usually takes to install one.  By replacing the costly foot pump with a
locally-available one, the cost of the well installation was reduced by nearly half.
Changes to Hand Dug Well Design Help Provide More for Less...
Reaching the Unreached one need at a time...

Creating the support base for the pump                The pipes for the rotating rope are aligned         The form is completed and concrete added         The completed work is inspected.  Success!

Chad hanging with the crew                                   Worship in the village is very unique                    Cattle-drawn equipment is used to prepare fields     Part of the "washer pump"

           And the work begins!                                 Scaffolding is built to support the men               The walls are built up from the bottom of the well       This is the porous "base plug"

Dewatering below the water table for excavation    Compressed air is supplied to the pump            The "washer pump" is mounted                          Easy to use, easy to fix and inexpensive!